QR Code Why You Need OneWhat is a QR Code and Why Do You Need One?

We’ve seen these little squares everywhere–a qr code on menus, billboards, magazines ads and flyers.


QR Code Why You Need One

What is a QR Code?

A QR code is a bar code that allows smart phone users to quickly save valuable information on their device.  They work sort of like standard UPC-style bar codes, but they  designed to provide more than a just product description. A QR code offers clients a convenient way to reach stylists and barbers.

3 Reasons You Need One

Today’s technology makes it easy for hairstylists and barbers to stay connected to existing clients and to reach new ones.

 Stay Connected

People rarely leave home without some type of mobile device or tablet.A QR code can help you stay connected and accessible to clients on the go.  The stylists and barbers on BestDooz.com get a personalized QR code to stay connected to clients.  

Client Convenience

Exposure and easy access is vital to booking more appointments. Offering your clients a convenient way to reach you enhances your customer service beyond the chair.

The New Digital Business Card

Anyone using a device with a camera can scan a code to instantly save and access a website, directions, ratings and more for a business.  The code acts as a digital business card that potential clients keep handy.  Existing clients can use QR codes to share, like, and follow you on social media too.

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Easy Updates

Things change quickly in the industry and in your business.  Easily edit your location, social media links, and booking details and keep your clients updated with the latest information.

The salons and barbershops listed at BestDooz.com get a personalized QR code.  Get yours!

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