Are your clients happy? Are you sure?

Don’t assume that your long-time clients are still happy.
 Asking them about their service alone won’t get you enough feedback to really know how they feel.  Ask a client, “Are you good?” or “Are you satisfied?” and you limit their response.  These are close-ended questions and can be answered with a simple “Yes” or “No”.

48008310_sJust Ask

If you’re curious how your clients truly feel, ask them open-ended questions.  But be prepared to hear exactly how they really feel.  

If you ask, What would improve your experience here today?”  This gives your clients a chance to share their feelings about your atmosphere, wait time, booking, pricing, as well as their service performed.

 Make it a Habit

Make it a habit to ask every client every time and take their feedback to heart.  Their words may hurt a little, but that’s okay.  You want and need their honest feedback in order to improve and grow.  Sometimes hearing the honest truth is all that’s holding you back.

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