Face MasksReal talk: There’s something so unglamorous about describing your face as “oily,” as if it’s somehow a bad thing. As if having skin that lubricates itself really, really well—sometimes too well—is unsightly. But it’s not. It’s natural! And frankly, you’ll likely have fewer wrinkles later in life because of your oil slicks (so long as you use sunscreen, obviously) so we say to one and all: Let your oily flag fly, and throw away the piles of oil-blotting sheets in your purse.  Here’s the 7 Best Face Masks for All Types of Oily Skin

Well, that sounds nice in theory, at least. But if you aren’t a fan of your oily skin or the breakouts that can come with it, we found the very best face masks for (almost) every type of oily complexion, perfectly curated for the matte-seekers of the world. Now you can tone down the spotlight on your face and let your inner shine take center stage.

7 Best Face Masks for All Types of Oily Skin

For oily skin that likes to multitask…

Neutrogena Deep Clean Long Lasting Cleansing Mask, $8; at Neutrogena

Photo: Neutrogena

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