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You can learn valuable tips and get tools to grow your salon business absolutely free. Explore career paths, grow professionally, and succeed. Our salon webinars are designed for busy people on the go. Advance your beauty career in just 5 minutes!

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Learn from industry experts how to succeed in the beauty business. Each of our featured experts is a contributor to our educational series and also offers consultation and services independently.

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Whether you’re newly licensed or an industry veteran, our educational series will inspire, motivate, and expand your knowledge to succeed in the beauty business.

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The Art of Shaving by Barry The Stars Barber

Barry The Stars Barber shares proper techniques for a precise beard. Products used: Xotics Jamila and Shave Therapy




Winning! Your First Salon Interview

You’re licensed and ready to take the industry by storm. Get the tips to land your first salon job.




Taking Your Career to the Next Level

You’re an industry pro and you’re ready! Learn how to take your business and your brand to the next level.




Social Media Marketing for Beginners

Get valuable tips to save time and money. Learn how to make Social Media work for you.




Building Your Brand Online

Low budget ways to get noticed and build your brand.





How Good Are You...at Marketing?

Asking the right questions first can help you discover the BEST answers.